About Studio Inty

Hand-crafted jewelry made to last. Studio Inty focuses on delicate jewelry designed and made in Amsterdam. Our unique pieces are 14k gold filled and have a mix of freshwater pearls, coral, gemstones and diamonds.

We believe jewellery should be easy and fun to wear - therefore all our pieces are made to mix and match and we constantly update our creations to keep things fresh. Every jewellery has a story - and we're here to tell it.

Gold-filled Jewellery

Studio Inty wanted to offer beautiful products that lasted but also were affordable. Gold-plated jewellery wears and tarnishes quickly and so gold filled jewellery offers a superior alternative.

Gold-filled jewellery uses a technique where 14K gold is pressure-bonded to a base metal. It creates solid pieces that will last, retain their colour and not tarnish even if you wear your pieces in water repeatedly!

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